Volvo plans to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025

Volvo plans to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025

Most recently, the company has already announced plans to create a hybrid version of each model, which was implemented in the new S90 sedan and V90 universal. Now Volvo plans to even more radically approach the issue. This week, it was announced that the company plans to sell one million electrified cars until 2025. And there are in mind, both fully electric cars and hybrids. By the way, the company plans to create its first electric car by 2019.

It is assumed that a fully electric car from Volvo will be a crossover and will compete with Tesla. [19659004] Electric Volvo “width =” 660 “height =” 407 “/>

It is worth noting that the decision to “take a course” for electrification was made much earlier. Last years the company was engaged in the development of two perspective modular architectures: CMA and SPA. The first platform is designed for use in compact models. And the second is already underlies the latest innovations, such as S90 sedan, V90 wagon and XC90 crossover. For all these cars, the CIM and SPA architectures are the best available models for the CMA and SPA architectures.

Last year, the volume of the global sales of Volvo for the first time exceeded 500,000 cars. The company expects that the share of electrified vehicles will be at least 10 percent of sales in the coming years.

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