Google completely switches to renewable energy

Google completely switches to renewable energy

The search giant Google continues to work on a full transition to renewable energy. The corporation recently signed contracts with three new wind stations, one in South Dakota, the second in Iowa, and one in Oklahoma. Thus, the total power consumed by Google’s net electricity reached 3 GW.

Google’s investments in clean and renewable energy reached 3.5 billion dollars, making the search giant the largest corporate client interested in this type of service. The corporation will continue to increase the share of consumed renewable energy, as in time the price of “clean” electricity falls, and the amount consumed by Google’s electricity increases.

The 114 MW solar farm signed a contract with Google in 2010, becoming the first company to provide renewable electricity to Google. Since then, the prices for solar and wind energy have fallen by 60-70 percent, so there is a high probability that Google will soon completely switch to renewable energy. Earlier it was planned to do this at the end of 2016, but, apparently, there are still objects connected to old power plants.

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