Apple showed why it’s worth moving to the iPhone – Techzonia

Apple showed why it’s worth moving to the iPhone – Techzonia

Apple has released a series of motivating videos that clearly demonstrate why the iPhone is better than your current smartphone. Each short film lasts about 15 seconds and is devoted to a separate topic – from the general security of the operating system to the technical support of users.

The first video focuses consumers’ attention on iPhone security and iOS in general. Obviously, the authors of the video meant a complete absence of Trojans and viruses that could at least somehow harm the user and his data. It seems that the “symbols of death” could not be remembered due to the hard timekeeping.

The second video allegorically shows how good the technical support of Apple is. Judging by its content, the company does not leave its customers even in the most difficult and dangerous situation, to find a way out of which is quite difficult. Practice shows that, despite the occasional flaws, in general this is the case.

The theme of the third video was the protection of the environment. Here, Apple quite clearly hints that when creating the iPhone uses the most secure materials, and the greenhouse effect created by production capacities is minimized. Fortunately for nature and all of us, it does not make any sense to refute this.

The closing video is intended to emphasize how easy is the transition from your old smartphone to iOS. If you use Android, you can transfer all your data to a brand new iPhone using the special application Move to iOS available for download in the Google Play directory for free.

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